about me

I'm Nicolas Guarini and I'm a 21y/o aspiring software engineer currently based in Italy, bachelor's degree student in Computer Science at University of Insubria.

I'm also a private teacher of programming and data analysis for university students, and a freelance developer of web solutions for small and medium-sized companies and freelancers. I have developed several projects in the mobile field, fullstack webapps, desktop, data analysis, and lately I'm getting very passionate about security analysis and reverse engineering. Currently, i'm studying the Flutter framework and backend development with express.js.

During 2023, I will be a university tutor of computer programming and architecture for first year students.

In my free time, I love creating and playing music, and I'm extremely passionate to chess and strategy games in general. I've also won a few rubik's cube speedsolving competitions, averaging about 16 seconds of resolution time.