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BenzTrack was born from the idea of encouraging people to pollute less, and at the same time allowing you to keep track of how much money you spend on the car through different graphs.

The app also (through periodic notifications) will compliment us if we are improving in terms of pollution, and vice versa it will "scold" us when we pollute more.

It is possible to choose your car from a huge database, after which you can start recording your expenses, divided into:

  • taxes
  • insurance
  • maintenance
  • refueling

As the expenses are entered, the application will calculate in real time the average fuel consumption and the quantities of CO2 emitted, based on the "Euro" class of the vehicle entered during registration.

Every 7 days a comparison will be made between the current issues and those of the previous month, and the relevant notification will be sent informing us of our performance.